Flacco-to-Jones, In Person

There’s something surreal about watching your favorite sports moment of all time unfold without all the flim-flam, without Greg Gumbel intoning the Ravens’ season is on the line, Dan Dierdorf saying Dan Dierdorf things, and a collage of CBS graphics cluttering the screen.

This is the greatest play in Ravens history, completely unfettered.

As you probably know, I’m quite skeptical of the “clutch gene.” Everyone who isn’t in the stadium views the game from the perspective of a network with a vested interest in reaffirming how very important these moments are, how much pressure the athletes face. On the field? I’m very confident Joe Flacco was not thinking about any of that.

Flacco reared back and chucked a ball far down the right sideline. It’s something he’s been doing his entire career; he is, after all, the “big-armed oaf who saved Baltimore.” Jacoby Jones caught it and sprinted into the end zone. A few Ravens met in the end zone; you can see them celebrating — Anquan Boldin gives a mock Mile High salute. You can hear an anguished Broncos’ fan, a drawn-out “no!” followed by, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

No, no we aren’t.


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